Garlic scapes – 10 for $1.00
Scapes are the long, curly flower stalks of garlic plants. They have a mild garlic taste and a texture similar to green beans. I like them stir-fried or sauteed in butter. I’ve seen them used for pesto. What creative ways can you find to prepare them?

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2 comments on “Products
  1. Cindy McCain says:


    My co-worker and I are interested in buying bulk free-range chicken to put in our deep freezes. Would this be something we could get from you?


    • Wayne says:

      Hi, Cindy. I don’t presently have any chickens. All my birds got stolen a couple years ago, and I haven’t been able to replace them yet. In all likelihood, I’ll be getting layer chicks and selling eggs for a couple months before I get into raising broilers again. I’d like to say later this year, but realistically, I probably won’t have meat for sale until next summer. Follow our blog and/or Facebook page for updates. Or you could sign up for our email newsletter. It looks like we’ll just have produce this year. We have garlic scapes available now and will have garlic bulbs available in August. We’re just getting the tomato plants transplanted now, but some have little green tomatoes on them already. We’re late planting this year due to not having a tiller until today.